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Who We Are

IES, a team of international education & Management consultancy specialists, was founded In 2016 by two veteran University of London Graduates, Khaled Muhammad Al Faruq and Mohammad Mahmudun Nabi in Bangladesh. Our

Corporate office is based in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, With a network of agents operating across Bangladesh.

IES specialize in five main international activities:

  • Developing international partnerships.
  • Recruiting international students to worldwide Universities by providing a professional service to Students.
  • Professional training.
  • Comprehensive research support.

Why IES?

Studying for an academic or, professional qualification is an investment in future. Specialist knowledge gained from recognized institutes differentiates you from other scholars and is valued to potential employers. So, whether you want to develop your career, change direction or become an expert in your subject area as a fresher or, a professional, we can assist you to develop your career in the next level.

Our Vision

To identify, encourage andnurture Leadership, Confidence, Responsibility, Teamwork, a World Vision and other positive traits in students and young learners through innovative technology and learning methodology.

Our Mission

To provide and engage our clients including genuine students, in a range of highly-valued, career-focused services, programmes and activities within a circle of leading education providers from various parts of the world. In particular, we encourage and enable current students to make and implement well-informed decisions about their careers.

Our Commitments

Customer focus: The fountainheads of our decisions are focused on students and corporate clients only. Equal opportunity: We respect the individual. We offer equal opportunities and an inspiring environment for everyone within the company and all others who interact with us. Honesty & Integrity: Above all, the foundation of our business is based on the principle of Honesty and Integrity within the organization and with all our partners and stakeholders.

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