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Top University Ranking

Top University Ranking

Do you know the three longest established and most influential global ranking systems? Find out more before you choose your scholastic destination.


University rankings are a prodigious way to key performance indicators transversely different universities, colleges or schools based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable metrics provided by independent intelligence sources utilizing various tools rather than data submitted by the universities themselves.

It is to be noted that these tools are not only measure formal elements like the quality of education, alumni employment, research output (e-journals, repositories) but also informal scholarly communications to aid you to select the university or school as your study destination.


Critics argue that rankings can divert universities’ attention away from teaching and social responsibility towards the type of scientific research valued by indicators used for ranking exercises. There have also been concerns that by applying a limited set of criteria to world universities, and given the strong desire to feature in the top 200 universities, rankings actually encourage the homogenization of higher education institutions, making them less responsive and less relevant to their immediate contexts. The fact that rankings are also said to favour the advantage enjoyed by the 200 best-ranked institutions has important implications for equity.

Our Assistance

However, despite the criticism, much attention is paid to global rankings, our experience counsellors will deliver a proper guidance and advice to find the right university or school for you based on individual needs.

Most prestigious global rankings

The three longest established and most influential global rankings are listed below to assist you to find your scholastic destination.