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Study in USA

The USA has the world’s largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. Nearly 5% of all students enrolled in higher-level education in the USA are international students, and the numbers are growing. From the mid-1950’s, when international student enrollment was only just reaching 35,000, international education in the USA has come a long way.

The United States is a complex and vast country made up of 50 states plus the city of Washington, D.C. – the nation’s capital – all of which have a distinct regional identity. If you are an international student planning to come to the US to study, our USA State Guide can help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

The United States has over 310 million people and offers international students a unique experience from buzzing, highly dense cities to unpopulated open spaces and pristine natural beauty. If you are curious about what your state has to offer, learn more about all 50 states in our USA State Guide. Here we’ve done the research for you so that you can learn about the state’s economy, internship opportunities, climate, activities, and more!

American universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. The United States is the number one and largest destination for international students seeking higher education overseas. The education system in USA is the most versatile and flexible higher education system for international students in the world.

Today about 30 percent of all current international students in the world are studying in the United States.

Have you ever wondered what makes U.S. higher education so popular in the world?

Academic Excellence

The U.S. has one of the world’s finest education systems, with excellent programs across all disciplines. At the undergraduate level, outstanding program options are available in conventional subjects as well as professional fields. At the Master’s and Ph.D. level, students regularly get the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the finest researchers in the world. Qualifications awarded by U.S. universities are recognized throughout the world for its academic brilliance.

Diversity of Education Opportunities

The U.S. higher education system has lots to offer every student. The program structure lays equal emphasis on building a strong theoretical base along with importance on practical, employment-related skills. If you are looking at studying an unusual or specific program like gerontology you will have more than one program to choose from in the U.S.!

Cutting-Edge Technology

U.S. universities are world leaders in terms of technology and scientific techniques, and are committed to providing the same resources to students. The emphasis is to acquaint students with the latest in the field of science, engineering and related fields. The end result is work-ready graduates with appropriate skills using the most recent technology.

Opportunity for Research, Teaching & Training

In the U.S., at the graduate level students gain valuable experience in research and teaching through the many assistantship programs available. These assistantships also help students finance their higher education in USA. The practical experience gained is extremely useful for future careers in teaching and research.


The U.S. higher education system offers many course choices within a program and the opportunity to change majors or opt for multiple specializations. At the advanced stages of an undergraduate program a student can tailor the program to meet specific career aspirations like combining courses in contemporary jazz music with engineering! At the graduate level you can make your own timetable and complete course credits at a comfortable pace within the stipulated time frame.

Support Services for International Students

U.S. universities welcome international students for pursuing higher education in USA and have support systems to help students adjust comfortably to life in the U.S. Services at the international student office help students transition to the new environment. Support is offered through the year from organizing orientation programs to assistance with academic writing and building resumes as students get ready to graduate.

Campus Life

U.S. universities offer a diverse choice of academic, cultural and athletic activities to choose from which not only enrich the educational experience but also help students make new friends and become global citizens. Your university may also have a cricket team in addition to fraternities, regional and ethnic clubs.

Global Education

Academic study and experience from a U.S. university has a very positive reputation in the international job market. A U.S. education dramatically enhances a student’s long-term career goals. The experience builds critical thinking skills, develops self-confidence and cross-cultural skills and all of these attributes are highly valued by employers worldwide.

So, you’ve made the decision to study in USA. This wasn’t a difficult for you to decide, but now you’re at the hard part – how do you apply to attend university in USA? What do you need to do in order to make sure that you can go exactly where you want to go?

We want to help you figure out the application process! Contact us directly to assist your entire application process.

• Illinois Institute of Technology

• University of North Alabama
• Arkansas State University
• Henderson State University
• Northern Arizona University
• Colorado State University
• University of Colorado Denver
• Colorado Mesa University
• University of Hartford
• University of Bridgeport
• Sacred Heart University
• Eastern Connecticut State University
• San Jose State University
• California State University
• Woodbury University
• The University of Redlands
• National University, California
• Golden Gate University
• John F. Kennedy University
• Westcliff University
• Lincoln University
• Southern State University
• Florida International University
• Florida National University
• St. Thomas University
• St. Leo University
• Keiser University
• Schiller International University
• Everest University
• Marconi International University
• Stetson University
• Hawaii Pacific University
• University of Idaho
• North Eastern Illinois University
• Western Illinois University
• Roosevelt University
• Lewis University
• Concordia University of Chicago
• Marian University
• University of Evansville
• Valparaiso University
• Kansas State University
• Wichita State University
• Emporia State University
• Pittsburgh State University
• Western Kentucky University
• Eastern Kentucky University
• Murray State University

• ONCAMPUS  Boston

•The University of Maine
• Husson University
• University of Maryland
• University of Michigan
• Saginaw Valley State University
• Grand Valley State University
• Kettering University
• Lawrence Technology University
• Ferris State University
• Northern Michigan University
• Northwood University
• University of St. Thomas
• University of Central Missouri
• Missouri State University
• University of Montana
• Montana State University
• Plymouth State University
• St. John’s University
• St. John’s University School of Law
• Pace University School of Law
• State University of New York
• New York Film Academy
• Digital Film Academy
• University of New Mexico
• Ohio Northern University
• Kent State University
• Cleveland State University
• Wright State University
• University of Cincinnati
• University of Findlay
• The Cleveland Institute of Arts
• Oklahoma City University
• Saint Francis University
• The University of the Arts
• Johnson & Wales University
• Tennessee Tech University
• University of Tennessee
• Stephen F. Austin State University
• The University of North Texas
• Virginia International University
• James Madison University
• Stratford University
• Liberty University
• American National University
• Pacific Lutheran University
• Shepherd University
• University of Wisconsin

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